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Plantpot & Cat

There is no doubt that there are thousands of creative DIY existing with PET bottles... So, here you have one more! I'm happy to show you the “Kitty Plant Pot”, turning a soda bottle into a hanging pot!


  • PET bottles
  • White spray paint (glossy paint)
  • Water resistent Marker (black and pink)
  • Scissors
  • Rope or white cotton thread


Making these planters is very easy and I think the illustrations show fairly well how to do it. However, I will share with you a few important tips:

  1. You can use different bottle sizes but I recommend you to get one of those bottles with 5 “legs” in the base.
  2. To cut the ears of your kitty plant pot, you can download this template. Ears should be centered on two legs of the base. The distance between the legs and the tip of the ears should be about 4-5 inches.
  3. When using the spray paint, it's important to follow the instructions on the bottle carefully. Put your plant pot in an elevated position and in an open area. You will need to protect the surroundings with some sheets of plastic. Be patient with the painting process and the drying time. Be careful not to overspray.
  4. In this project we used the Ecological POSCA PC5-M markers which are made with 41% of recycled materials.
  5. If you want to hang the plant pot, just make holes on the sides with an awl.
  6. When you are ready to put the plant into your new Kitty Plant Pot, make sure to put some gravel at the bottom for the water to drain. This way the roots will have room to breathe and won´t rot. Water sparingly.

We would love to see your project! Please feel free to share it and send us some photos!

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