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Hi! My name is Anna and I live in a village near the sea and surrounded by a huge and different sky every day.

I use to spend a lot of time looking my plants... I smile when I see how much they have grown (oh look at this, it's a lemon!) and I get nervious when I see that it has aphids. But, I don't take out these bugs because I have seen that ants enjoy them.

I love imagining, thinking and designing anything that requires a creative work. I like the result of something done by oneself for being unique and original (although I also like to put together the furniture of a famous Swedish Brand and are not unique or original... anyway).

I started BruDiy by the need to learn, create and shape a lot of projects that are always fluttering in my head. That's how is born this space dedicated to the imagination, creativity, value for the organic and recycled materials, but above all to the value of creating them for yourself . Never stop creating!

With BruDiy, I also want to convey the respect for the animal species and their natural habitat, and encourage the use of organic and recycled materials, ultimately leading to more sustainable lifestyle. To be aware and engaged with the environment is our duty. We can contribute to the conservation of our natural surroundings with different acts no matter how small they might be. Please, have conscience!

If you want to contact me please send me an email or a message on Facebook.

You can visit the Etsy online store of BruDiy to see the products I've created. You can also learn more about me and my inspirations on Pinterest and Instagram.

See you soon!

Anna :)

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