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Nest Packaging

Following the same topic on swallows of the past post post anterior "Swallows Mobile", I will show you an easy project called “Nest Packaging”. It's about creating nest boxes to put delicious bombons into them. It could be an original gift for your guests and friends for those special events, wouldn't it?

To do this project you can use any patterned cardboard or you can decorate one for yourself. I have designed, for this occasion, a pattern of swallows downloadable here.


  • patterned cardstock (not paper, cardboard thickness is better)
  • white tissue paper
  • scissors
  • double sided tape


First, download the template with the box design. You can choose to print just the box silhouette in a A4 sheet, or printing the patterned template in a A4 cardstock (in this case, print in color).

  1. Cut the box silhouette.
  2. Fold strongly the four sides of the box bottom.
  3. Then put the bombons wrapped in white tissue paper into the box.
  4. Close the sides by overlapping one wing on top of the next one and so on until you get to the last one. Close the box by tucking in the last wing into the first wing.
  5. To keep the sides closed, use a double sided scotch tape and make sure that it be invisible.

Now, you are ready to make an original and fun packaging to give bombons, candy or cookies...

We would love to see your Nest Packaging project! Please feel free to share it, and send us some photos! :)

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